Patrizia Meneghini is a painter, daughter of art dealer Ugo Vincenzo Meneghini who met her mother Pecnik Nada Simona (an art critic) at the historic Venice Biennale, and she was born on January 25th, 1970 in Venice.

When she was 5 years old, Patrizia had to face her parents’ divorce and at 8 years old she was robbed while she was sleeping. Her childhood has been marked by the splendour of a good life (which she shared with her brother Paolo), but also a lack of affection and reference points and continual moving.

Patrizia attended the artistic high school in Treviso and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, specializing in scenography. After a short experience at “La Fenice” theatre, she moved to Lyubljana, where she worked for 5 years, first as stage and costume assistant and then as scenographer. This job was a “shelter” from life in her imaginary world, but it didn’t allow her to express herself completely.

In 2000, after the death of her father, overwhelmed with various responsibilities and the consequences of an unhappy engagement, her mental pictures became paintings. From that moment, paintings have been her only expression of life and a world that Patrizia keeps looking at with curiosity during her many travels.


  • 1° catalogue – “Paintings of Patrizia Meneghini”, finished printing on 02/2007 at GFP of Azzano Decimo (PN)
  • 2° catalogue – Patrizia Meneghini, “Portal or Essence”, on demand editions 03/2016
  • Present on the catalogue of modern art, Cairo Mondadori, Cam, n.56 and n.57 (2020-2021)